Candy Crush Saga on Facebook

How to play Candy Crush Saga – Do’s and Dont’s  


Candy Crush Mod apk Game is a casual puzzle game which is easy to play and fascinate eyes. Delicious candies and jellies are tempting and make anyone feel hungry. Candy Crush Saga on Facebook was its first release on 12th April 2012.

Candy Crush Saga Mod APK game app was launched in the same year for Android and iOS. The role of the game is to match 3 similar candies or jellies to get scores. A player can invite his or her friends to start playing this game so that any locked stage would be unlocked.


Candy Crush Saga on Facebook


Candy Crush Mod APK is an easy and famous game. Initial stages are comparatively easy than the later stages. If any player cannot crush all candies or jellies on a stage, the stage will be locked after some attempts. As level passes the game becomes more difficult and stages come with some locked candies.

Candy Crush Saga Download had received remarkable reviews after its launched on Facebook. Candy Crush Saga on Facebook has many users who were an addict to play Candy Crush Saga online. There were also player communities of this game on Facebook.


Some Tips to win the candy crush saga apk Game:

  • You need extra lives to continue the game. So make sure to refill your life. There are no charges for these lives. Players can refill it by following simple methods of an app they are using. There are different methods for Android and iOS users and if anyone is playing online on facebook so it has a different method or trick.
  • If you think the set up is difficult at any stage so before going to start it, change the board. It would not waste your lives.
  • Try to match special candies for heavy scoring rather than the matching of 3 similar candies. Three types of special candies come in Candy Crush, colorful, wrapped and striped.
  • Try to make a combo of special candies. You can combine any 2 of these special candies to make a combo. These combos are very helpful to win each stage.
  • There is no need to always follow suggested moves while clearing each stage because every suggested move does not guarantee to clear the stage. It might lead you to difficulties in taking further moves. So be careful about what suggestion should you go for.
  • Don’t start matching candies randomly, look at the candies board carefully before starting to hit. Plan the steps first.


Candy Crush Saga is one of the most top-ranked online game by They are good at social media marketing. Almost every survey says that Candy Crush Saga on Facebook has earned billions of dollars. There are many users who still play Candy Crush Saga on facebook online and on websites also. However, millions of users play on their phones (Android, iOS, Windows).


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