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The game is a simple puzzles game which was released on 12th April 2012 for Facebook by Initially, the game got exciting reviews and earn revenues in big numbers. It was later released for Android and iOS users in the same year.

The game has many variations. Initially, Facebook users play it online having an internet connection in their PCs. After its release on Facebook, Candy Crush Saga Mod apk was also available online for those who do not want to be on facebook but want to play so they can browse Candy Crush Saga online.


Play online Candy Crush Saga Game

What are the game rules of candy crush online?

The game rule is to match minimum three similar candies. The graphics are super exciting and real.  Candies and jellies seem beautiful and make you feel hungry. After its popularity in Apple app store and play store, Candy Crush Game Download for Mobile had an official app for windows phone as well. For Candy Crush Saga online playing, the player should have an internet connection and browser.

Despite online gaming, if you download the app so you can play even without having an internet connection.


Candy Crush Saga download APK:

Candy Crush Saga download apk does not need any investment. The game will be continued till the end without buying anything with money. If a player has lost any stage so a friend can start playing and help to unlock the stage but that friend should be a new player.  Till 2014, more than 93 million people were playing this game with the revenue of over $493 million as reported by King (the maker of the Candy Crush Saga). Even after five years of its app launch for mobile phones, Candy Crush Mod APK has been downloaded almost 3 billion times. It has been one of the top mobile apps for four years.


Candy Crush Game Download in APK file:

An APK file is an Android Package File. It could be directly downloaded in android phones or can be transferred to android the phone by Micro SD card. APK files are usually saved as a zip file. Apk files are also available on play store and also be found on different websites.

Candy Crush Saga online has different versions of Apk files. You can download its apk file on your desktop PC and then transfer to your android device. An apk file just supports Android devices but does not support iOS and windows phone software. Once Candy Crush Saga APK file downloaded you can run it whenever you want.  It also needs to upgrade and the new versions of APK file come frequently so a user can upgrade or download the new version. The new versions are available on many websites and easy to find.


Play online Candy Crush Saga Game